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More About PSI-GAMMA.

Welcome to PSI-GAMMA. A portal that opens up to a world of material, both scientific and artistic, that, over time, has been neglected and forgotten on a bench at the back of a lab somewhere!

Cutting to the chase, the emphasis here is to go directly to the "good Stuff". As there is no intent to pass off, sell, prove or disprove any of these concepts; there is absolute freedom to cover any and all material that is of interest. Most of the material is considered as "fringe" and some is definitely esoteric by nature. The objective is to be impartial and to simply provide info. There is an emphasis on analysis of available material for presentation only purposes. Opinions, credability, political views, conspiracy and or religious bias are removed from the analysis.

This material is provided, purely, as a record, and, as such. creates a basis for ANYONE to follow through, and develop or research further. No classified data has been presented, used or displayed anywhere on the site. Finally, there is no monetary or ulterior motive or any other "agency" driving this site. Having said that, hit the intro video button below to learn more, or, bite the bullet and hit the "main site" button below to gain access. ENJOY!



What PSI-GAMMA Delivers.

A platform that delivers a comprehensive presentation of scientific related material, in a multi-media rich format, while keeping it easy to follow. Simply making it available.

  • Objectivity

    Looking at a topic with an impersonal impartiality and maintaining a non-opinionated stance when doing this analysis. Not "driven" by any analytical overlay or pre-emptive agendas.

  • Accuracy

    In this case, it is the accuracy of the relaying the assimilated material. Not determining the accuracy of the said information or the credability of the researcher or inventor.

  • Inclusiveness

    Tackling, head on, the concept that knowledge is the "exclusive right" of a certain privelaged few in society. Also that if not endorsed by said, then it is not worth following up on.

  • Connectivity

    Extensive referencing, linking into and sharing of other content creators, institutions, groups and people. This leaves the audience free to follow up, contact and share as they feel fit.


Categorizing The Uncategorizable!

Due to the non-standardized and overlapping nature of most of these topics; putting them into specific, tight "boxes" becomes somewhat problematic. An attempt has been made, however, for the sake of user friendliness and site navigation. Below is a rough breakdown of how much of the site is dedicated to the corresponding subject area. As mentioned, as a whole, there are overlaps and integrations galore between ALL of these areas. This attempt to categorize was simply done for ergonomics, and should not detract the viewers from the efficacy of "the whole body" of info. In this case, the whole is far greater than the sum of the individual compartments, excuse the mild pun.

  • Agriculture/Alternative Low Tech
  • Health/Mind And Spirit
  • Electromagnetism/Gravitation/Over Unity
  • Chemistry/Fossil Fuels/Nano Tech/Water
  • Mechanical/Light/Sound/Time/Thermodynamics


Balancing BOTH Hemispheres

Analytical & Intuitive. Male & Female. Right Hand Brain & Left Hand Brain. Matriarchal & Patriarchal. This is NEITHER. Some of these areas were able to be conceptualized using a "synched" state of mind. However, some of the topics are clearly more left hand analytical, wile others are more subjectively intuitive. Below are a few examples of this.


SUBJECT AREA : Mind & Spirit

Remote Viewing

Rigidly Conditioned with the use of Protocol

Based on Military standards and the CRV manual that was developed by Ingo Swann and Richard Bandler. Hard and rigidly protocol based in the west. Paradoxically, used a more intuitive approach instead.

SUBJECT AREA : Electromagnetism/Gravitation/Time/Zero Point

Zero Point Energy

Noticed as anomalies in a world of Measured Results

That oh so elusive "something" that has been repeatedly detected in a vaccum at zero kelvin. The only thing is, no one knows what the heck it is and trying to get straight answers on standardized repeatability is next to impossible.

SUBJECT AREA : Chemistry/Materials/Mechanical

Military Grade Tungsten Steel

Titrations, Algorythms and Tolerences

Again, the overlap. Propulsion can not go faster than the materials used in the turbine blades, in conventional aviation. Due to not having a "warp engine", some "normies" were bound to start pushing the envelope in what metals can do.


SUBJECT AREA : Mind & Spirit


Sporadic, Subjective and often a "Feeling"

Putting aside all the "entities" conversing with individuals, whether in biblical Levant, in a Mayan Temple or Jack Parsons at Los Alamos; when analysing doccumentation that gave Eureka moments, the subject does spark curiosity.

SUBJECT AREA : Electromagnetism/Gravitation/Time/Zero Point

Vrill, Prana and Aether

Actively evoked and the "how" is usually not persued

Claimed to allow Monks in Tibet to move rocks mentally, or the Thula Society to levitate the first saucer. Objectively, however, the human body has a defined EM field, and we are only touching on the potentials of this.

SUBJECT AREA : Chemistry/Materials/Mechanical

Samurai Grade Katana Sword Steel

Sight, Touch, Intuition and Skill

Through thousands of years of refinement and adaption, the ancient samurai swordsmiths could tell compositions of steel by colour, when to strike by the smell of the petina and could shave with the completed blades as well as slice through bone.

Glimpses Into The Portal

Snapshots & Integration Strings

Some of the synaptic sparks that occured while compiling the background material (in the early stages) to put together this collection. At times, the synchronous and fleeting "blocks" of discrete inspiration seem to almost have a life of their own.

GIBBS: Hyperdimensional Resonator

The STM or Space Time Modulator is a small device about the size of a pack of cigs and it easily fits in a pocket. Steven Gibbs claims that this device is a mini time machine VISIT ARTICLE

ABRAHAM: Graphene Oxide Desalination

Graphene-based materials can have well-defined nanometer pores and can exhibit low frictional water flow inside them, making their properties of interest for filtration and separation. VISIT ARTICLE


This invention has particular but not exclusive application to heat generator apparatus for harvesting wind power and for illustrative purposes reference will be made to such application. However, it is to be understood that this invention could be used in other applications, such as conversion of rotational motion to heat generally. VISIT ARTICLE

CHEN: Ultrasonic Tooth Regeneration

Snaggle-toothed hockey players and sugar lovers may soon rejoice as Canadian scientists said they have created the first device able to re-grow teeth and bones. The researchers at the University of Alberta in Edmonton filed patents earlier this month in the United States for the tool based on low-intensity pulsed ultrasound technology VISIT ARTICLE

VARIOUS: Bilocation Patents

A method for health improvement provides for the diagnostics of the meridians by biolocation for assessing the energetic units. Then the harmonizing energy-and-information field is formed by the bee families in the beehives. The body is affected by acoustic and vibration stimuli and the brood energy. VISIT SITE

BULL: Inertial Levitation

Suspended from a pair of light, flexible wires, in his laboratory, hands a cylindrical tube about a foot long. At the touch of an electric switch, it becomes alive and leaps forward, as if drawn by some invisible magnet. Actually the power plant, a curious system of reciprocating weights, is contained within the tube itself. VISIT ARTICLE

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